Phuket Pubs
Where to Go at Night around Phuket Island

Exciting daytime and entertaining nightlife is literally what Phuket is about. We all enjoy a day at beach with a wide range of sport activities, and we have fun and never feel enough of them. But when night falls and moon rises, a different Phuket emerges with a full swing of lively entertainment filled beer bars, go-go bars, discos, karaoke clubs, nightclubs, Thai girls and ladyboys, beautiful shows, and you name it. Phuket extremely offers to all a variety of parties and tastes and the best nightlife scene.

Most of the after-hour venues also pump up your adrenaline with the mixture of Western, traditional and contemporary Thai music – jazz, pop, rock, country and so on. But don’t be surprised when entering Thai style nightclubs, there is no common dance floor, and people just squeeze in around their table and dance next to one another. Some venues also offer live bands. At the end of the night, Phuket nightlife is much geared toward your need and suits your tastes. It is such a great combination of the paradise’s charm and great atmosphere. So welcome to a real paradise of all! Everything happens for a good reason of vivid life.

Let the good times roll and you will find a fun night out just right down there in Phuket.

We love the Phuket nightlife, baby!


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